Presto Instruments is a Sydney based company founded by musician Alex Bieri and music education specialist Leanne Dellit.
Presto Instruments hires out premium pre-loved instruments. We stock only the best brands, Yamaha, BACH, Jupiter and Buffet to name a few!



Alex Bieri

Lee Dellit

Lee Dellit

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Hire Prices

Flute: $40/month
Clarinet: $40/month
Alto Saxophone: $55/month
Trumpet: $40/month
Trombone: $55/month
Bass Guitar / Amp Pack: $45/month

Your $150 security deposit is refundable upon safe return of your instrument.

What types of instruments can I hire through Presto Instruments?

We stock premium pre-loved woodwind and brass. Flutes, Clarinets, Alto Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones and our Bass Guitar/AMP pack. All of our instruments are in fantastic working order and are perfect for beginning and intermediate students. We only work with prestige brand student instruments.


Why hire an instrument instead of buying one?

Deciding to learn a musical instrument is a big decision! There are many costs associated with learning an instrument. You may not at this stage be sure if your child will stick with it.
By hiring an instrument, you are not paying out a large lump sum initially. You are able to hire your instrument through Presto Instruments for a minimum rental period of 4 months. You can then rent on a month-by-month basis.


Purchasing an instrument

Presto Instruments can also organise the purchase of a high quality woodwind or brass instrument for you. Please email us at for more details on pricing and availability.

Postage: $20 + GST for Flute, Clarinet and Trumpet.

$25 + GST for Alto Saxophone.
Local pick up or postage upon request for Trombone and Bass Guitar / Amp Pack.


Which instrument should I choose?

Visit The Music Partnership’s Instruments page to find out more about your instrument options.



Presto Instruments Terms And Conditions

To find out more about our instrument hire terms & conditions, please click here to view our agreement.