Flute Diagram


Assembling the Flute

As you assemble the flute, it’s important to keep the joints straight as you insert one into the other. Failure to do so may result in damage. The joints should slide in easily – if they don’t, remove and try again.

  1. Carefully twist the head joint into the barrel end of the body joint (tenon). Be careful to only grip the flute where there are no keys.
  2. Line up the keys on the body joint with the tone hole on the head joint.
  3. Carefully twist the foot joint into the body joint.
  4. Line up the rod of the foot joint with the keys on the body joint.


Cleaning and care

You will need to purchase a cleaner rod and a cleaning cloth from your local music retailer or online.

To clean your flute, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Disassemble your flute in the reverse order to setting up.
  2. Thread the cleaning cloth through the cleaning rod.
  3. Gently push the rod and cloth through each joint. If there is any resistance, take it out and try again. Be sure to polish the joints after use to stop gunk from building up, which can make the joints tough.
  4. Make sure each piece of your flute is back in the right spot before you close your case. Don’t force your case closed – if it doesn’t close properly, check how you have packed your flute away. Do not put your book or anything else on top of your flute as this will damage the keys.
  5. Make sure your case is closed and locked properly before you pick it up.
  6. Your flute will require regular servicing to keep it in proper working order.


The sounds of the Flute

The flute shimmers and floats with its sweet melodic voice within all ensemble genres. It can be fast or slow. High or low. It’s compact and charming. A popular choice for many young musicians.


What type of flute does my child need?

When you are first starting out on an instrument, your child just needs a basic student model of their chosen instrument.

The flute you will start on will be a C flute. Some brands and models that are perfect for students starting out are: Yamaha YFL211, Jupiter 511SE, Pearl 505EU, Trevor James student flute 3041E Mk1V and New England beginners flute NE201.


Helpful videos and tutorials

We also have our own YouTube Channel, where you can find a collection of useful videos and tutorials.